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A Heart's Hike Through

Released APRIL 1, 2020

WHEEL is equal parts adventure memoir, graphic novel, poetry anthology, autobiographical journal, and scientific grimoire. Sure to delight romantics and adventurers alike, this hand-written, hand-illustrated work simultaneously takes you on a hike through the seasons of the Pacific Northwest and a hike through the seasons of a romance. The mythic heroine's story is one that should be as familiar as any fairytale in the modern age: it is the cyclic, spiral journal to the center of oneself through the trials and splendors of love, wonder, truth, vulnerability, and the great outdoors.


Also available on Amazon, and by special order wherever books are sold.

NOW AVAILABLE at Black Dog Arts Cafe in Snoqualmie, WA. 

Get the WHEEL Companion Playlist here.

Looking to dress up your water bottle, journal, or bear can? Find stickers and other WHEEL merchandise here!




Preview WHEEL:

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