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Theatre Artist


Science Educator

Natalie is a Pacific Northwest multidisciplinary artist, primarily dealing in theatre, poetry, and everything to do with the cosmos. 

"Natalie's work is like children's theatre, but for adults."

- Emily Harvey, Director of "Rovers" and "Something Incredible"

With one foot firmly planted in the arts and the other in the sciences, Natalie's projects are fueled by insatiable wonder and curiosity. Quick with a pun and infectious enthusiasm, adventure and hilarity are always close at hand.

As an informal science educator, Copeland teaches young people how to stargaze, ask questions, and tell stories. With a BFA in musical theatre, she does the same thing with her audiences. She is passionate about collaborating with artists and STEM professionals to devise new opportunities for laughter, discussion, and learning.


She is also passionate about wild spaces. If you can't find her in town, Natalie is probably backpacking, writing, and painting in the mountains.

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